About Seeing Place Productions

“The word ‘theatre’ comes from the Greeks. It means ‘seeing place’. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and social situations. The theatre is a spiritual and social x-ray of its time.” (Stella Adler)

“One eye sees, the other feels.” (Paul Klee)

SEEING PLACE PRODUCTIONS is a professional site-specific contemporary performance company based on the Northern end of the Gold Coast, led by Kate Shearer in collaboration with teams of high calibre artists.  It invites audiences to look at places anew through the power of story and image.

Our Mission:

1. Seeing Place Productions challenges the cultural horizons of audiences through bold site-specific cross-artform performances, in order to inspire them to re-discover their own places and people.

2. Seeing Place Productions seeks to build partnerships across business, government and infrastructure spreading the reach of the arts into other sectors and growing new audiences and engagement.

3. Seeing Place Productions engages and supports professional artists through contemporary arts practice, skills sharing and employment.

4. Seeing Place Productions strengthens local communities, enriching the lives of citizens by breaking down barriers to engagement with the arts and connecting their stories to site in playful and engaging ways.