physical theatre melds with recorded memories in a moving audio tour performance  
Sundale yellow family
Image inside the 1969 Time Capsule (Southport Library)

TIME CAPSULE was inspired by a real-life time capsule that was buried under Sundale Shopping Centre in 1969. It was discovered in the 1990s when the building was destroyed for property development.   When Sundale was originally built, it was one of the first large-scale shopping centres in Australia and heralded the beginning of a new era of consumerism, moving away from personalised relationships with individual shops to mega-retailing. This site-specific work staged in a series of empty shops playfully examines changes to the way we shop and its impact on community, the beginnings of multiculturalism, and changes to roles of women, work and leisure since 1969.

In TIME CAPSULE, the audience experience an immersive soundscape via wifi headsets whilst viewing evocative physical theatre in a series of empty shops and surrounds of Southport Central with an accompanying exhibition of the real time capsule’s contents at the Southport Library.   This promenade production weaves ideas of consumerism, gender, evolution of a city and multiculturalism using verbatim collected from interviews with the community fused with scripted elements inspired by the contents of the real time capsule.

TIME CAPSULE is a participatory, nostalgic and yet provocative performance for audiences about the past and what we wish for our future.  

WATCH excerpt from Time Capsule HERE.
Concept/Writer/Director: Kate Shearer
Sound Designer: Guy Webster
Movement Dramaturg: Veronica Neave
Phase 1 Sound: Tony Byrne
Collaborators/Cast: Kate Harman, Hsin-Ju (Raw) Chiu, 
Alicia Harvie, Charles Ball, Silvan Rus, Hayden Jones.
PREMIERED  5-14 November 2015 – empty shops, Southport CBD.
AUDIENCE RESPONSES:    “GO AND SEE THIS. It was everything I expected and So. Much. More. It made me grin form ear to ear and it made me ache and it made me THINK. About time and change and community …. About what we have gained and all that we have lost… A unique and unforgettable show.   World-class theatre, on the streets of the GC.”     
“Thrilling to see…….This interactive production is verbatim theatre meets physical theatre meets promenade theatre meets immersive theatre. Nostalgic and thoughtful. An ode to a simpler time.”    
“This is a must see gig as it will wash a flow of memories, gushing with nostalgia, emotion and of course impressive interpretation of the dance & performance. When putting the set of headphones, and strolling around empty shops, I psychologically dived into my own Gold Coast past that is still flashing into my mind the morning after.”    
Qld CoA Stylised 2LS mono City of_Gold Logo-2This project was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Development Fund which is a Queensland Government and City of Gold Coast Council partnership to support local arts and culture.  We would also like to acknowledge the generous support of: Do you remember the old Gold Coast?, Gold Coast Arts Centre, Southport Central, Southport CBD Team, Southport Library (particularly the Local Studies Library), Telstra Southport.